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Having the right makeup is incredibly important on your wedding day. There will be lots of pictures and video taken, and you want to look your best for each and every one of them.

We are dedicated to helping you look your best on your wedding day. We understand that if you’re not happy with your look, you won’t be happy with your pictures and video. That’s why we coordinate your hair and makeup with your dress. Our bridal makeup artist will make sure of that.

When you arrive for your wedding day makeup consultation with our bridal makeup artist, it’s important to wear a shirt that’s similar to the color of your wedding dress. This is so that we can match your makeup to the color and style of the dress. It’s also important to bring a good friend. Friends are a good source of objective thoughts, ideas and opinions, and they can help you ensure that your makeup is perfect for you.

It’s important to schedule your makeup consultation months ahead of your wedding day. This is so that you have time to discuss your makeup preferences, likes and dislikes before it becomes crunch time.

We understand that your wedding day is the most important day in your life, and you wish to look your absolute best. That’s why we will always take the time to consult with you and try various makeup styles. You’re makeup should complement your dress, hair and accessories, not distract away from your entire look. We also understand that heavy makeup application looks tacky and awkward. That’s why we use air brush makeup. Air brush makeup provides an even look and a light feel, so that you don’t feel like you’re wearing a mask. Our bridal makeup artists’ are the best around!

Your makeup application includes the application of makeup by airbrush, and the application of a half set of false eyelashes. We also give you free blotting tissues and a free lipstick.

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